Server Rules

Server Rules


  1. We don’t have a stupid rule like “you must respect staff” but generally don’t be a dick, we’re human beings after all. We can try and help you but not if you’re going to be a dick head 🙂

  2. Do not spam, advertise other communities/networks/services/etc., do not self-advertise your own communities/networks/services/etc.

  3. Do not grief the server or other players. This use to be semi-entertaining to a lot of us in the past but it causes no damage anymore and you get banned network wide. There’s really no point anymore, if you want to troll us do so in chat, discord, etc. Which will result in punishment but this will bother us more than griefing the server.

  4. Try to play “nicely” with other players. If you don’t like someone: avoid them, ignore them, mute them locally or whatever you got to do. Maybe go merk their ass with a #rekt afterwards? Just… please don’t endlessly kill or troll someone just because you don’t like them.

  5. At the end of the day: anything never2nv or sn33ky say goes… and be careful sn33ky loves having a God complex. We swear he rubs his nipples while judging others for temp/perma ban, demotion or anything else like that. Don’t feed into that 😛







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