What started as a simple clan for all my local friends turned into a massive gaming community. I first started branching out the concept of a worldwide clan back in the prime days of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. To make a long story short, I wanted to expand our community and looked into PC Gaming and the vast opportunities with game server hosting.

I eventually stumbled onto this little game (at the time) called Minecraft and began hosting servers for it once that was an option. We were doing okay with it. Then one of the users of my Minecraft server showed sn33ky and I a Minecraft "prison" server. It was pure shit, there's nothing more you could say about it. The owner was pissing everyone off from your average players, to donors and even staff members. Abuse was everywhere. Our sole mission was to escape the prison, we got pretty good at it too. Boy this would piss the owner off so much and we enjoyed doing so.

After a few days of browsing around this server I came to the conclusion, "I can make a prison server! It'll be a good one too!". Which luckily for us, turned out to be true. We attracted players from all around the world, the popularity of the server was very strong and would continue to be so for well over a year and a half.

With most of our loyal users already earning their way out of prison into the "Free World" things started to get boring. Naturally we started looking at another server to launch for those who already "beat" the prison server and thus "Drug Rush" was born. Molded after such hip things at the time such as The Sopranos and Breaking Bad, Drug Rush allowed players to start up their own drug cartels and gangs.

FNG Nation had another hit on its hands and this time we brought over just about everyone from the prison server and even more people from around the world via this new exciting, albeit non-family friendly server. It amazes me how much this server spread because there was a real lack of advertising as most of the known websites at the time to advertise Minecraft servers would delete our posts given the nature of the entire servers concept of drugs.


Even back when I was running the Minecraft servers I was in my early twenties and even then the joke became I was a pedo. So I embraced the joke and wore my pedobear avatar within Minecraft :)

So now at age 30, I'm really old! I now have a wife and a one year old son. So to say my time is limited right now is an understatement. Then Lewis, being the correct, ripe young age and willingless to carry on the legacy of FNG Nation has started up which I fully embrace.

It is now an official FNG Nation replacement or revival, however you'd like to see it. The point being this is for all the old time FNG veterans to come back and reunite with one another. No matter what we've all been doing since being apart, we've all remembered the good times we've all had on FNG Nation and it always brings us all back in. I'll still be active in this community and helping every step I can, so watchout for me ;)

Until then, I wish Lewis and the rest of you goodluck and Godspeed!

- never2nv