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You've never rp'd so hard in your baller ass, cocaine dealing, weed growing, kingpin life!

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Live a normal life, a criminal life or a police/ems life. Serious roleplay.

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The Long Awaited Return



You travel to HolyHood for a new life, whether that life leads to a life filled with drugs, crimes or redemption via law enforcement is entirely up to you! Live the rough life of a civilian trying to live a normal life before being approved for law enforcement. Or run the life with customizable gangs, internal gang ranks, etc. Can you raise to the top of a gang? Can you start your own successful gang? Can you turn it into a criminal empire?

Drug Rush will feature two unique ways to play. As law enforcement/government officials or as criminals/gangs/empires. 



Players may purchase a weapons license which are valid for bows, knives and handguns for self defense. SMG's, Rifles, Assault Rifles, Explosives, etc. are all illegal for anyone other than law enforcement officials.

However a sword (longsword), stick, any tools (pickaxe/hoe/axe), etc. are all legal for self defense without any license.



Those unlucky enough to be caught committing a crime by either two law enforcement members or upto 3 civilian/criminal witnesses do not get a trial. They are judged and imprisoned on the spot by law enforcement.

If not enough have witnessed the crime then the defendant can request a trial. Any available administrator online can play the role of the judge and a random odd number of players online currently will be teleported to the court room to be a part of the jury. Law Enforcement will be able to show their evidence and case against the defendant. Then the defendant has a chance to respond and defend themselves and try to get the case thrown out.

If no judge is available online then the defendant must be released and no charges brought against them nor any time sentenced for punishment.



If you are ever sentenced to serve time in prison you're in for a relatively short, cruel time period, caged like animals with other violent inmates. The roleplay of the prison is much like you've seen on many other various prison servers with a minigame almost sortof twist.

You'll have to rank out of prison via money, if you already have the amount of money ahead of time then you can instatly keep ranking up to get out of the prison. Or slave away in the mines using the prison shops to earn enough to become paroled.

Be careful if you're a member of a gang because if you are: you better hope you have fellow gang members serving hard time too. Else you may find yourself out manned and out powered, quite easily.

Maybe convince a gang member of two to purposely get caught commiting a crime so they can server time with you and work together? There's many ways to get sentenced to serve time in prison and there's many ways to get out of prison.



  • Create/disband gangs, invite/uninvite/kick players

  • Promote/demote players (there are 5 customizable ranks with different permissions in each gang)

  • Gang and player statistics with kills, deaths, KDR, fights won, fights lost, WLR (won/lost rate)

  • Friendly Fire

  • Private gang chat channel

  • Gang bank account

  • Alliances with other Gangs

  • Fights -  multiple fight arenas, challenge other gangs, bet and win/lose money

  • Reward players for upgrading the gang to higher level(s)

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