Battlegrounds v0.1.3

Battlegrounds v0.1.3

Mostly just general bug fixes, nothing too fancy.

  • Removed leaderboards until official release.
    They will start toggled off by default for players but upon using certain commands to check leaderboards, stats, etc. they will activate.
  • Fixed bugs with anticheat.
  • Fixed spawning issues.
  • Fixed A-Sync worldedit issues.
Battlegrounds v0.1.1

Battlegrounds v0.1.1

Just added the base of the server and configured a few options.

  • Added server spawn.
  • Added spawn shop in one of the spawn towers.
  • Added King of the Hill.
  • Added crates, players can obtain keys to open certain creates and receive a random item(s)!
  • Added scoreboard.
  • Added PlaceholderAPI.
  • Added Factions with limit on allies to 1, no ability to truce.
  • Added ability to type {item} at any point in your chat message to display the current item in your hand to everyone.
  • Added NPC’s.
  • Added anti-cheat.
  • Added Illuminati and Templars factions. Whom are allies with one another.
Perdition v0.2.1

Perdition v0.2.1



  • Added billboards and various banner boards.

  • Added a network hub/lobby.

  • Added several tiers and general population areas to prison.

  • Added “Tier Uno”; a secret tier accessible only be a warp sign.

  • Setup permissions for all five tiers of prison (ranks).

  • Added several vehicles for transportation.




Perdition Plugin (imabradley):

  • Added ability for police to handcuff citizens.
  • Added ability for police to patdown citizens and remove any illegal items such as drugs, weapons, etc.
  • Added ability for police to request an arrest warrant on citizens.
  • Added ability for police chief to approve arrest warrants.
  • Added ability for police to arrest citizens which deranks them and sends them back to prison.
  • Added ability for police to jail citizens, which sends them to county jail but they maintain their rank, for less-harsh crimes and violations.



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