We're A Secret Society

FNG Nation is a private gaming community

New Server!

Add this IP to your server browser: Minecraft.FNGnation.net


A classic faction pvp based server with fast action, resource gathering and... death.


A server with full lore detailing a beautiful back story for the players on the server.

Meet The Staff

A community's main staff are key to success and fun.

Our main administrative staff members are: sn33ky, never2nv, MrNockZ and pync. These are the individuals whom make our community possible through their hard work and dedication to the brand. The whole idea of FNG Nation started off as a simple clan but quickly blew up into a huge gaming community.

We were sad to close our doors but our creator/owner never2nv had much more important things to focus on... UNTIL NOW!

More About Us

We're a community centered around the personality of our Youtube star: never2nv.

We're a private gaming community but don't let that deeter you away from inviting your friends to join our servers, teamspeak and/or groups playing together on other games like League of Legends, DOTA 2, Overwatch, Counter Strike: Global Offensive and much, much more!